10 Things Sexier Than A 10 Year Plan

We all know someone that has a 10 year plan. And they get so excited when they go off on tangents about how amazing their plan is, especially when no one asked them. However, for the rest of us, all we really want to do when that happens is take a bottle of wine (or vodka) to the face. If you have no inkling of what your 10 year plan is, or what you want to do with your life, have no fear. Instead, keep reading 10 things that are even sexier than a 10 year plan, and breathe…

1. Financial stability at your dream job.

Being able to stand on your own two feet and support yourself is one of the most self-rewarding, kick ass things you can do for yourself. However, working a job that makes you happy and makes you actually want to go to work is the sexiest thing of all.

2. A cross-country road trip.

Never been to California? Is hiking the Grand Canyon on your life bucket list? Spur of the moment trips are what make life the most interesting.

3. Being able to live your best Carrie Bradshaw life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Carrie Bradshaw’s life isn’t realistic. Last time I checked, living in a killer apartment with a girl boss job, having the most amazing closet, and dating a plethora of men is not at all unrealistic. If you want to make it happen, you will.

4. Eating copious amounts of hangover bagels.

Whether it’s after a work gala or just a night out with friends, why would you ever want to give up the freedom to skip to your favorite bagel shop and chow down on your usual order? Life is all about balance, and how can you balance a bagel in each hand when you have to carry a baby in one?

5. Wine Wednesday’s.

You can’t plan a successful wine Wednesday; the most memorable wine Wednesday’s just happen.

6. Finding a one night stand at your friends’ weddings.

Who ever said being a bridesmaid is a bad thing? Especially if the groomsmen look like they just stepped out of GQ.

7. Spa days with your girlfriends.

Pampering yourself is a form of investing in yourself, which never gets old. Besides, you always come first (pun intended).

8. Traveling to a foreign country.

A new language, a different cuisine, drop-dead gorgeous men…what more could you ever want in the world?

9. Being in love with yourself.

Why force yourself to love someone else just because you wanted to be married and have kids by a certain age? You cannot simply “search” for love with another person. Instead, you need to love yourself (in whichever way you wish to interpret that) and know that love with someone else forms when you’re not looking for it.

10. The men of Magic Mike.

Your boyfriend or husband won’t watch this with you. And your kids and babysitter simply won’t watch this with you. In between your kick ass job and endless first dates and one night stands and hungover bagels, your other girlfriends without the 10 year plans will be there with popcorn and laughter to remind you that life doesn’t have to be worked out like a checklist.