As a young woman working over the summer, the only thing on Carly’s* mind was earning enough money to go back to school. Carly worked at a small restaurant in her hometown with a staff of 10 people and a manager. As a very close staff, almost every topic of conversation was discussed in the late hours, waiting for the last customer to leave. After a few weeks, Carly’s manager Ron* mentioned that he was previously a sugar daddy to a few “sugar baby” girls he knew.

Intrigued and a little bored at work, Carly joined the conversation to get a few more details on becoming a sugar baby.  After closing the restaurant for the night, Ron texted Carly asking if she was really interested.

Over casual conversation, the two agreed to be sugar daddy and baby. To start, Ron offered Carly $250 just to give her a massage.

Hesitant at first, Carly said she “realized [she] didn’t have to do anything, he was just giving me a massage and paying me money so I thought, why not.”

She went over to Ron’s house and had a blissful, easy night.

I know what you’re all thinking, how did she go back to work with him? Carly is one of the most outgoing, fun and individual women I have ever met. A smile never leaves her face as she explains her secret tantalizing sexual experience. She assured me that everything went back to normal the first day back.

“We were friends. We [worked] next to each other 5 days a week, 6 hours a day so it wasn’t weird.”

They made sure they didn’t share their scandi secret with the rest of the wait staff. The massages happened a few more times but Ron eventually hinted towards sex, offering $450.

Carly describes the sex as moderate, nothing amazing but she didn’t dread being there, “it was for the money- I wouldn’t have done it [if I wasn’t his sugar baby] .”

She only had sex with him four or five times by the end of the summer. Carly racked up more than $1,500 as a baby.  She went back to school and had limited communication with Ron during the semester. She decided to work at the restaurant over winter break as a hostess. She was no longer Ron’s sugar baby but had a fun and enjoyable time working there nonetheless.

Reflecting on her experience, Carly giggles as she confidently closes that chapter in her sex life. She assures me that she would never do it again and advises any against using a dating site to dabble in the sugar daddy world. She concluded the interview with a few tips for prospective women looking to be someone’s sugar baby because hey, college still ain’t free.


1. Do it with someone you know

2. Don’t have sex right away, try to ease into it and start off slow

3. If you’re looking for the money aspect, set a good price

4. Don’t tell anyone while it’s happening

5. Make sure you’re the only one doing it with him at the time


*Names changed to protect privacy and confidentiality