It takes fierce will to make it in this world. Clawing your way to the top inch by inch is not an easy task, unless of course your name is Donald J. Trump. Now, it’s easy to criticize from the sidelines and point out every little thing when you have no experience what it’s like in the field of battle. The news media makes a living by putting the work & success of other people down because it’s easy to criticize something you can’t do yourself.

Mr. Trump is a polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him. In most cases people who are ambitious and aspire to be someone in life can relate to him pretty well. He’s a self-made man who has reached the pinnacle of success all by himself. He learned everything he could from his father, who reached mediocre success compared to the global empire DJT has built purely on his own ability. At this point you might be thinking one of two things: “Fuck this guy, he’s a Trump supporter and he deserves to die!” or “Wow, I love this guy and how right he is about my fucking idol!”

Go Big Or Go Trump Yourself

No matter what you think, you’re still reading this because the guy is a magnetic, larger-than-life figure. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be where he is today with a globally recognized household brand name. You have to make waves in this world if you want to stand out from the average Jeb, John & Ted. Life doesn’t hand you anything for free and that’s exactly what millennials will never understand. They just give up and expect everything to be handed to them, but that’s not how the real world works.

This guy made it to the top by being tough and not taking shit from anybody. People underestimate what it takes. Not only do you need to work nonstop like a machine, but you need an extreme mental ability to navigate the shark-infested waters of business & politics. If he was a nice guy who let everyone push him around he would be nowhere right now and most likely would have squandered his family fortune before anyone ever knew his name.

Kill Them With Trumpness

Most people like to confuse and associate the word tough with being a mean, ruthless and bad person. Michael Corleone once asked his mother if he could ever lose his family by being strong for them like his father was, because the line between kindness and weakness is so thin there could be room for misinterpretation.

Most people don’t understand that you need to be tough in order to get things done. Nobody ever got anywhere by asking for something politely, especially when it comes to negotiation. If you want something bad enough you have to take it by force or pure strength, whether it be mental or physical.

A Critic’s Wet Dream

Donald Trump used the laws of power to his advantage to gain massive wealth, which IS the American Dream, and he is now being chastised for it. Society wants you to do ok but not better than them otherwise they resent you for it. The same guy who lifted himself up by sheer hard work needs to be taken down because he doesn’t fit their perfect image. Jesus Christ could come down from the heavens on Saturday and would be crucified again on Sunday just because some asshole is jealous of his personal achievements.

I have yet to find a man who has achieved massive success in a nice way, unless it was inherited or they hit the lottery. But what about Mark Zuckerberg you ask? He’s the ideal symbol for honesty and politeness. Oh how soon people forget the way he lied, stole and cheated his way to the top.

Trump Is As Trump Does

No matter what you think of him as a person, Trump has gotten this far with no political experience because he’s able to project strength and manipulate the media in ways that have never been done before. He’s gotten deals done deemed impossible because he’s able to push the envelope further and harder than the elitists who resent him for being a fighter who gets what he wants.

Being a nice guy to your family and in friendly circles is fine, but business and politics are a blood sport. If you can’t stand the sight of your own blood you should not be in the game. There is no way in hell you can survive unless you have incredibly thick skin and can stand up for yourself in the war-filled trenches we call life.