Dear Lili,

Confession alert! After a networking happy hour, my team and our boss went back to the office to finish up an important project. Whether we (as in my boss and I) both subconsciously stayed behind or the universe put us there alone to seize the moment, I’ll never know. What I do know is that we, well, SEIZED the moment and seized it HARD. We’re talking porn status gorilla f*cking, clothes-on-the-ceiling, juice-on-the-desk, hard. Well now the reality has set in and my conscience is screaming for redemption. Do I quit? Do I use it to my advantage to get a raise (or another late-night raise if you know what I mean ;))? Or do I simply pretend it never happened and try not to let this turn into a gossip-fueled nightmare.

-Chief Climax Officer


Dear Chief Climax Officer:

I’m sure a lot of things are running through your mind at the moment. Your naked boss, your job, and the “porn-status” sex you had with each other…etc. First off, I don’t think you need to quit, not unless you feel uncomfortable in the work environment.

I can say that this event is not the catalyst you should be using to get a raise. A moment of passion can be sexy, but remember that he is still your boss. Depending on your state’s labor laws there could be no reason to let you go and you could be jobless at a moment’s notice. At the same time, don’t feel pressured by your boss to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Be The Boss Of The Bang

Evaluate the situation. If you had fun and your boss seems up for round 2 then go for it. I’ve never had a sexual escapade with a superior, but I have hooked up with someone I worked with and let me tell you, it can be both fun and weird. The stolen glances, flirty encounters in the copy room, it can be a fun game of chase or a continuous awkward experience. It is what you make of it.

Just because you had one fun romp doesn’t mean it will turn into anything serious. Above all you can’t let it affect your work. If you start to have feelings that are unrequited or start to feel uncomfortable then that is when I would start to re-evaluate your employment there.

There is nothing wrong with a fun, steamy, and hot romance, but it can become complicated when you throw the word “office” in there. If both parties are single and consenting then by all means, jump back on the proverbial horse and ride 😉


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