Hillary Clinton is clearly an extremely ambitious individual. She has gained the nickname Teflon Hillary for her ability to go unscathed from numerous scandals and federal investigations. She’s been clawing her way to the top ever since she pushed Bill Clinton to run for President, creating her own political identity in the process. No matter what you think of her, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Hillary follows her own set of rules, and breaks the rest.

Women admire Hillary Clinton for turning her tragic events into something that would make her a political juggernaut. This is a woman who’s willing to break every rule in order to get what she wants. She knew from a young age that she would never amount to greatness by sitting in the corner with her mouth shut. She’s fought society’s idea of how a woman should dress, speak and act while the husband takes all the credit.

Once Hillary reached the White House as First Lady she could have left her husband. After all the women and all the affairs and all the accusations, I’m sure she would have if he was any other guy. Except he wasn’t a regular guy; He was the F*cking President. I suppose she decided that her political ambitions far surpassed any petty bang he had while in the oval office.

Hillary Rule #1: Stand By Your Man…He’s Closer To The Goal

Mrs. Clinton made her decision to keep Bill on the campaign after he cheated on her with countless women and it was probably the smartest thing she ever did. The public humiliation alone would have been enough to crack the toughest b*tch on the planet. She knew she needed his last name and the sympathy from voters to get her elected to public office so she could create her own legacy.

Hillary was already a household name so her path to becoming a Senator was pretty easy, however, her sights were always on the White House as something more than the First Lady. Not a lot of women could stand by their man after being cheated on so many times, but she never cared for love; Hillary was after power.

The power hungry senator soon took the world stage and ran for President, but failed to a charismatic Barack Obama. Most men would have quit and disappeared forever but this tenacious woman would use her political wit to gain a powerful global position as Secretary of State in the process. Hillary knew she could exploit this opportunity and use it to her advantage, not only to run for President again, but to make her wealthier than any other living candidate in history.

Hillary Rule #2: Never, Ever, Ever Quit

It takes a special person with strong mental and emotional strength not to quit after such huge defeats. I’m sure her self esteem took big hits, but to keep fighting is a sign of her drive and raw ambition. As Secretary of State, Hillary would break all the rules and use the high powered access she had to enrich her and her family. She probably figured she’s gone through too much sh*t to go home empty handed so why not capitalize and exploit her position of power.

Taking money from international governments in return for favors can bring home some pretty fat paychecks. Who can really blame her? I mean every politician takes money domestically so why can’t she get take it to the next level and get fat off the even richer foreign governments? Well for one thing, it invites foreign threats and dangerous consequences that are overlooked in return for foreign donations to start off with.

Hillary Rule #3: Know The Rules Like A Pro, So You Can Break Them Like A Champ

No matter what rules Hillary breaks, it seems she can get away with anything. Deleting 30k+ emails after being served a subpoena. Invoking a pay-to-play atmosphere as Secretary of State to dangerous foreign powers. Scandal after scandal, the list of rules Hillary Clinton is willing to break seems limitless. And hey, why ask for permission when you can convince an entire country that you have nothing to apologize for in the first place.

Everyone from the feds to the Democratic party to the “undecided” American voter has forgiven Hillary or at the very least swept her indiscretions deeply under the rug. It seems like she can get away with almost anything, so why not break all the rules if you’re untouchable? Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s biggest strength is her keen ability to talk her way out of pretty much anything. Or maybe it’s the style in which she does it; with such grand and intimidating political rhetoric that nobody dares challenge.

Hillary Rule #4: Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Every government agency either turns a blind eye to Hillary’s shady dealings or takes part in the corruption. It’s one big fat happy party where the weak ones get taken for a ride–the average Jane who follows the rules, goes to the polls, and casts her vote for the first woman president like a true blue patriot!

Hillary is a role model to millions of women and influences how many of them are starting to think in today’s feminist culture. They realize that corporate America isn’t giving them a fair shake and they need to make waves in order to rise up in the same way Hillary has.

Her example shows us that it’s wiser to break the rules and listen to your own killer instinct on your way to the top than it is to follow them straight to the poor house. Conventional wisdom won’t help you get to the next level, especially if that level requires extreme ruthlessness and deception much like what we find in today’s political arena.