I Want To Socialize But I’m Disgusted By People. Is It Me Or Them?

Dear Jessie,

I want to socialize but I’m disgusted by people. Is it me or them? P.S. Therapy is bullshit so don’t tell me that’s what I need


Disgusted Dan


Dear Disgusted Dan:

From the sass I can hear in your voice just from your question, may I suggest finding people as cynical and snippy (and disgusted) as you? Maybe switch up the bar, club, or neighborhood you go out in and expand your horizons to some new spots where different types of people hang out. It could just be the same people you interact with in the same social settings have just gotten on your nerves and you’re simply tired of their shit; not necessarily that you’re disgusted of them.

Also, maybe try some new methods of pre-gaming. Maybe a bottle of wine to the face is what you need to unwind and find your zen. For others, it’s some quality time with Mary J. Find a substance that helps you come out of your shell and makes you just oblivious enough to life for your comfort zone to be un- disgusted with the world around you. A few puffs of a j might have you singing Bob Marley and wanting to hug everyone.

If this is too extreme for you, there’s always yoga and meditation retreats you can find yourself on. Or, just carry around a giant can of Lysol and Purell if physical human contact makes you want to vomit. Last resort, maybe you just need to get laid? From the tone of your disgusted voice, it sounds like it could’ve been a long time since you’ve seen some action.

If none of these solutions work, maybe it really is just you.


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