Dear Jessie,

My girlfriend gets hit on and cat called every time we go out. I can’t defend her bc I’m afraid I’ll get my ass kicked. Any suggestions?

Wimpy Willy


Dear Wimpy Willy:

The way I see it, there are ways to defend your girlfriend when she gets hit on without the risk of invoking violence. From your girlfriend’s point of view, the last thing she wants to be dealing with is someone degrading her, especially in front of you. Cat calling messes with our self confidence, even in the slightest, no matter how confident we are in the moment.

So, focus on not communicating with the cat caller and instead focus on communicating with your girlfriend. Don’t baby her, because that’s almost worse than being hit on with a cat call. Instead, try to make a joke to make her laugh. “I bet his dick is nonexistent” or “it’s no surprise that someone who dresses like Danny Tanner needs to do something like that to make up for not getting laid.” Making her laugh to distract her will do more than you think.

If you’re not the funniest person on the planet, simply buy her comfort food. If I was hit on right in front of my boyfriend and he bought me a pizza to make me feel better, he would be a keeper. Though a whole pizza is excessive, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or even french fries will do the trick.

Overall, just make sure to avoid stirring up conflict with the cat caller and instead, make sure you’re being there for your girlfriend during the aftermath. No matter how harsh the slur is, being there to pick her up instead of babying her will do more than you can even imagine. Plus, she’ll most likely think of a way to thank you in the bedroom. Meow!


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