Dear Jessie,

I want to bang my hot college professor’s brains out every time I see him…bad idea?

Wet For Teacher


Dear Wet For Teacher:

Being a collegiate woman myself, I understand the struggle of seeing an abnormally attractive professor and wanting to do it on the desk right then and there in the middle of class. However, I think you and I already both know that this would be social suicide.

While college frat boys that rarely shower and think dressing up is wearing Sperry’s are the furthest thing from attractive, there are other places to meet older men that you don’t have to see every week in a lecture hall.

Take advantage of the bars that appeal to a more “mature” crowd as opposed to only being filled with drunk college kids on a Saturday night. If you go to school in a city, try going to a bar away from campus. This is a good start to finding an older and mature man to fulfill your college girl needs.

If the mere thought of sitting in your professor’s class makes you wet, maybe use your imagination to get intimate with him. When you’re trying to think of someone while you’re getting yourself off, picture your professor with the defined jawline and blue eyes.

This way, you’re saving yourself from any unprofessionalism and problems while taking the class. However, if after you’ve completed the class you just so happen to try making a move, I won’t stop you.


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