Beyonce said it best: “Who run the world? Girls!”

There has never been a more crucial time for women empowerment. The election on its own is creating two different yet unifying female cultures. Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who proves that women have the ability to do and be whatever they please, no man can get in her way. Especially Trump, who has been recorded saying “grab her by the pussy.”

Pussy power is immensely stronger than Trump’s attempt to “grab” them. Ladies, life doesn’t have to be about sex to be appealing; your brain, style and attitude are what get you far in life.

It is so important for women to come together, not be divided. In our world, women are catty and compete against each other; this hostile environment has to change. Women need to lean on each other and use each other’s resources to collectively get ahead. If men see women being aggressive towards other women, what stops them from copying this behavior? It is a destructive path that leads toward male aggression and harassment towards women. The double standard is real.

Another battle isn’t between women and women, but ourselves. Culture has told women that in order to get ahead in this world, we have to be valuable. Our bodies, faces, and interactions have to be appealing to the male boss. Well, let me be blunt: this is unacceptable.

Power to the Pussy

There is no right way to act or behave in order to get what you want, but the wrong way is to use sex as a weapon. Women are worth more than their body. We are strong and intelligent. Genitals shouldn’t be our only mode of persuasion. Sex is no longer acceptable in the workplace and it shouldn’t be the only thing we feel makes us worth someone’s attention.  

With sexualized images of women plastered on every billboard, most advertisements, commercials, and “entertaining” movies and even right here on SalaryShark, not much is left to the imagination; sex is as accessible as the click of a button. It is a good thing that our society is moving away from the sexual prowess of women to maintain power, and towards the ambitions and capabilities of women.

We are so much more than tits and ass. Women have as much capability as men in this world and we are twice as intuitive!

Never be the victim of self-doubt. A woman is potentially about to be president against a man who brags about sexual assault. Our world is quickly changing and sexual language and violence against women is getting national attention and being rejected. This is our time to stand up against sexual harassment and objectivity.

Being fashionable is different from being sexual and being a bitch is different from shutting down other women in our society. Women need to rise up, not shy away from the opportunity to shine. Use that pussy power ladies, but use it wisely!