Dear Lea,

The money is good but being a stripper to pay for college is degrading AF. I want to stop working the pole, I really do, but I desperately need the money for tuition and working at McDonald’s won’t cut it…any advice?

Student Stripper


Dear Student Stripper:

There is hope for you at the end of the pole – pun intended. If you feel like you are in a degrading line of work as a stripper – get out! There are so many other options out there for you if you want to get out of the stripper life. Who said that you have to work at McDonald’s in order to pay for college? Get out your pen & paper and take notes my dear.

Make it rain on yourself

As someone who also had to pay for college tuition on her own I understand how you feel. I personally worked in retail while I was getting my degree. I don’t know where you live but being in a city that operates well into the late hours of the night, retail offered me lots of flexibility with my school schedule. I’m sure that your hours at the strip club aren’t ideal but since you’re already working late, just replace the stage with a real cash register. If you’re not lucky enough live in a 24/7 retail hotbed like I did, there are other things you can do which, bonus alert, don’t involve sleep-deprivation.

Here is a (non- stripper) list of options that you might want to look into to help make ends meet while in college:

  • Work in a retail store. The other perk to this occupation is that you get a discount on clothes and can practice customer service and basic math skills.
  • Government aid. Research FAFSA and other sources of free money that you may qualify for if you are on your own and no longer receive help from your parents.
  • Paid internships. Get real-life experience in what you are majoring in while getting paid. This is a win-win. Check out the careers office at your college, reach out to peers, talk with your professors about any leads they might have or better yet, reach out to the companies you are interested in working for and see if they have any internship openings.
  • There are a variety of loans out there available for students. Do your research and understand when payments will start and what interests rates are.
  • Any other job that doesn’t require you to feel degraded AF. Look into bartending, serving at a restaurant, being a hostess, sales, being an assistant, being a receptionist, etc.

At the end of the day you sure as hell don’t need to strip your way through college if you feel uncomfortable doing so. Remember that there are many options out there and that you can earn money and feel good about the way you earn it.

All the best,



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