Dear Lea,

I’m literally too broke to date. How can I find a girlfriend when I can’t even buy a girl a pack of gum?

Broke as a Joke


Dear Broke as a Joke:

Let me break it down for you.

No Money? Mo Problems

Why are you trying to find a girlfriend when you should be finding a job?
That is my first question to you. I know it’s going to sound cheesy but you should be focusing on yourself before you turn your attention on finding someone to be with. Why are you too broke to date? Do you need a better job? You should be scouring websites, hitting up your contacts and searching for a job that brings in better cash flow. Are you spending too much money on toys? Maybe you need to learn how to budget your current income. My first part of advice to you is to focus on yourself – become the person the girl you want to be with deserves and the person you would want to date. Would you want to date someone who is broke? I bet you the answer is no. If you already have a job but are still struggling to make ends meet, maybe find a side hustle.

Ballin’ on a budget

Part two of my advice, if you are still set on trying to find a girlfriend without working on your current situation, is be creative. Yes, some women enjoy nice dinners and being taken care of like a princess but that doesn’t apply to all women. Start your search on a free dating site or app such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish or Bumble. If you’re hot, that will definitely work in your favor. If not, play up your personality. Make sure your profile shares your interests, hobbies, and gives an insight into who you are.

Once you start raking in the matches, you’ll begin conversations and then when you enter the date planning phase–that is when creativity is key. Not all dates have to be expensive or even cost anything. Propose a hiking date, channel your inner-child and invite her for a play-date in the park and swing on swings followed by a picnic lunch, meet at your local Costco and hit up the samples, check out your local community calendar and see if there are any free public events and propose you meet there.

There are many options to spend time together that don’t cost anything. Remember that no amount of money can buy chivalry, so as long as you treat her well and let her know that you are working on yourself, you have a fighting chance to find the one in this crazy world of dating.

Good luck out there.



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