Dear Lea,

How do I end my dry spell without stopping my search for true love?

PS: What do you recommend for a breakfast order?




Dear Craig:

Thank you for coming to me with your question! Let me say that it is admirable that you continue your search for true love in this crazy dating world we now live in. In all honesty if you are truly concerned about honing in on true love, you shouldn’t be concerned with ending your dry spell. However, I do understand that you have needs and sometimes a little casual fun isn’t so bad.

Finding a little magic to end your dry spell

If along your journey you find someone you enjoy spending time with, then I say go for it and explore the sexual aspect of that relationship. Maybe since you are looking into “forever” and not “for now” you have been a bit wary about jumping into bed with someone so soon. However, at this point if you are more concerned with ending your dry spell then give it a shot. I must say that if you do find someone that you consider to be more so “for now” than “forever,” you should be honest with your intentions. She may also be looking for true love and may think you are it. Other options for ending your dry spell are to quickly meet women on dating apps and hope they are looking for a one night rendezvous, contacting someone you had “fun” with recently and see if they would be interested in starting things back up again and last but not least, let me be blunt and say that maybe you should jerk off more.

In the words of Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”

… and don’t stop searching! While I can stand behind the advice I give you above, let me say that I am a believer in finding a soul mate, a champion for happy endings (the fairy tale kind, not the massage parlor kind) and a firm believer that true love is worth more than a quick lay. Again I say, focus on your search for true love, because once you find her, you’ll realize that she was worth the wait and that you’d go through a few more dry spells just to never let her go.


I love your random question about breakfast. I’m going to assume you want my input on what you should order for breakfast if you’re out and about. Every breakfast place differs but I err on the side of savory for breakfast. If I am with someone else and am extra hungry that morning, I like to share something sweet like French toast or a waffle, in addition to my usual fare. Again, I’m not sure of any dietary restrictions so I’m just going to tell you what I find delicious, so here goes… order a scramble or omelet with turkey sausage, pepper jack cheese, spinach and mushrooms with a side of breakfast potatoes or fresh fruit. If I’m in a “yolk porn” mood, I’ll try their specialty eggs benedict. To quench my thirst, I enjoy mimosas, no sugar added apple juice or pulp-free orange juice. Hope that helps 😀

If you meant what you should make your lady friend in the morning or what I get at a particular restaurant, or if you have any other questions in general reach me on Twitter at @lealumba

I wish you all the best on your journey to true love!



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